Hey Hey! I'm Ashley, owner and creator of Home Is The Key Co. where we believe that your home truly is the key to so many things in your life.

Home Is The Key Co. was created for people who:

- Don't have the time to decorate their home but want it to feel cozy and welcoming

- Really enjoy home decor but feel intimidated by the endless options

- Don't have a desire to learn about the home decor process but know that they want their home to look good

We have created specific decor kits to simplify the process so that you have a starting point that fits your diverse style. We offer decor kits for the person who has a hard time choosing their decor style, whether that be neutrals, rustic, or boho...because you don't have to be limited to one specific style! When you receive one of our decor kits and put the items into your space, it will transform your house in a way that feels like home and creates a space that is inviting and comforting for years to come.

I'm a small town Indiana, fur mama to a pup, Moose (this fits him well) and a cat, Rafiki (Fiki) who people are commonly disappointed to find out is not a monkey. 

I am married to my high school sweetheart, Joe. We bought our first house in August of 2020, which was built in 1900! Although our home has been mostly renovated, I do love old homes and the character that they hold! With that being said, I also enjoy searching through local antique shops for unique finds that I can incorporate in our home. 


Let's see what we have in common! 


- Enjoy being outside (when it's warm) 

- Preferred vacation spots: beach or lake 

- I've always had a passion for helping people 

- Sunsets over Sunrises

- Trash TV guilty pleasure = The Bachelor/Bachelorette 

- Wine preference - Moscato 


I am so excited to get to know you and that you have landed in our virtual home!